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Middle Years Courses

Middle Years Compulsary Courses

The Compulsary courses listed below are required and must be completed by all students.
Middle Years Optional Courses

Grade 6............There is no optional course selection available at this grade level.
Music : The students will select between an instrument in either Strings and Winds.
Grade 7 & 8.....Students are able to choose any two of the option courses listed.
French Immersion students do not have Basic French as a choice.
Courses ​Grade 6 ​Grade 7 ​Grade 8
​English Language Arts ​Compulsary ​Compulsary ​Compulsary
​Mathematics/Mathématiques ​Compulsary ​Compulsary ​Compulsary
​Science/Science de la Nature ​Compulsary ​Compulsary ​Compulsary
Social Studies/Science Humaines​ ​Compulsary ​Compulsary ​Compulsary
​Français (for FI) Compulsary ​Compulsary ​Compulsary
​Physical Education & Health Compulsary ​Compulsary ​Compulsary
​Basic French Compulsary Option ​Option
​Art ​Compulsary ​n/a ​Option
Strings Compulsary
Strings OR Winds
​Option ​Option
​Winds ​Option ​Option
​Industrial Arts/Home Economics ​Compulsary ​Compulsary ​Compulsary
​Creative Arts ​n/a ​Option ​n/a
Leadership ​n/a ​Option ​n/a
​The Art of Thinking ​n/a ​Option ​n/a
​Drama ​n/a ​n/a ​Option
​Digital Arts ​n/a ​n/a ​Option

 All courses with a French title are offered en français to the French Immersion (FI) students.

 (Courses listed below are based on the 2016-2017 Course Selection information)