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French Immersion Program

Senior Years Compulsory Courses & Optional Courses French Immersion Program

Detailed information about senior years courses in our French Immersion program can be found in the document below
Senior Years Compulsary Courses (Immersion Program)
Grade 9 ​Grade 10 ​Grade 11 ​Grade 12
​English Language Arts 10F ​English Language Arts 20F ​Comprehensive English 30S ​Comprehensive English 40S
​Français 10F Français 20F ​Transactional English 30S ​Literary English 40S
​Mathématiques 10F Mathématiques au quotidien 20S Pré-Calcul Math 30S​ ​Transactional English 40S
​Science de la Nature 10F Intro aux mathématiques appliquées et pré-calcul 20S Applied Math 30S​ ​Pre-Calculus Math 40S
​Canada dans M. C. 10F Science de la Nature 20F Essential Mathematics 30S ​Applied Math 40S
​Physical Education 10F Géographiques 20F ​Histoire 30F ​Essential Mathematics 40S
Physical Education 20F ​Français 30S Français 40S
​Physical Education 30F ​​Physical Education 40F
Senior Years Optional Courses (Immersion Program)
Visual Arts 10S ​Visual Arts 20S ​Visual Arts 30S ​Visual Arts 40S
Arts Visuels 10S  Arts Visuels 20S Arts Visuels 30S Art Visuels  40S
Life/Work Exploration 10S Life/Work Planning 20S Life/Work Building 30S Life/Work Transition 40S
Orchestra 10S Orchestra 20S Orchestra 30S Orchestra 40S
Business Innovations 10S ​Entrepreneurship 20S Accounting Essentials 30S ​Accounting Systems 40S
​Technology I 15F & Technology II 15F ​​Print Communication 25S &
Advanced Keyboarding 25S
Venture Development 30S ​Business Management 40S
​Curling Academy 11G Draft Design Tech 20G Web Design 35S &
Interactive Websites 35S
Canadian Law 40S
​Human Ecology 10S Curling Academy 21G ​Broadcast Media 35S &
Interactive Media 35S
Drama 40S
Textile Arts & Design 10S Drama 20S
Digital Pictures 25S &
Desktop Publishing 35S
Intro to Calculus 45S & Advanced Math 45S
​Woods 15G & Metals 15G Family Studies 20S Curling Academy 31G Family Studies 40S
  Foods & Nutrition 20S Drama 30S Psychology 40S
  Textile Arts & Design 20S Textile Arts & Design 30S Construction Tech 40S
Woods Technology 20G Food & Nutrition 30S Metals Technology 40S
Metals Technology 20G Metals Technology 30G Woods Technology 40S
American History 20G Chemistry 30S Chemistry 40S
  Biology 30S Biology 40S
  Biologie 30S Physics 40S
  Physics 30S Interdisciplinary Topics in Science 40S 
  Current Topics in Science 30S Global Issues 40S
  Current Topics in FNMI 40S
  Western Civilization 40S
  Apprentice Prog 40S
Please note that the course selection listed above is based on the 2020-2021 course selection booklet.